Jazz @ Emmanuel – May 12, Mother’s Day Opening the Closed Door

Opening the Closed Door

Through the readings and musical selections, this Jazz Service will explore thoughts on what it may mean for you to open a closed door.

Doors are essential to our every day lives, but they are so much more. As symbols, they are gateways and barriers, welcomers and privacy, openers and boundaries, hospitality and safety, a way in – a way out, here and there, now and later, glamorous and shabby, big and small, wide and narrow, more and less, bold and subdued, real and imagined, pride and prejudice, belonging and ostracizing, life and death, open and closed.

To open a closed door is to venture, to be courageous, to dread, to anticipate, to fear, to wonder, to turn a corner, to imagine, to perish, to begin, to end, or simply live and move day to day. But sometimes, sometimes, opening a closed door is a whole new world.
That’s why we do it… and why we don’t.

Opening the closed door is not for the faint of heart — unless, well, Jesus.

What are your experiences past and present with closed doors?
What is Jesus saying to you in Rev 3: 8?
How does Knowing there is one door that no man can shut change your relationship with closed doors?

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Ode to Opening the Closed Door
Rosemerry Wahltola Trammer
“…I’ve been practicing
how to enter a space—
how to meet what is there
on the other side
and still be true to myself…”

There is Opportunity from closed doors
Lisa – from Mancelona, Michigan – from This I Believe
…”I viewed this door being closed in my life as a big loss. I was not looking for a new door…

Getting On with It – by Grace Butcher
From the book, if i had my life to live over-I would pick more daisies, an anthology of poems and essays about life. Edited by Sandra Haldeman Martz. 
“…When the heart stops oozing blood
& the outpouring is clear as water
(so to speak) then you know you’ve
turned the corner & will be well…”

Pax Vobiscum
“…The Lord preserve thy going out and thy coming in.”

Is there a door in your life that is waiting for you and Jesus to ope
“Ode to Opening the Door”
by Rosemerry Wahtola Trammer, March 9, 2021
“…The room I left is never the same
when I return,
nor am I the same…”

What are your experiences past and present with closed doors?
What is Jesus saying to you in Rev 3: 8?
Is there a relationship between your closed doors and the one door that no man can shut?

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