Beyond Easter 2020

If there was ever a year that we needed to keep Easter alive along with the Resurrected Christ, it is this year. The Pandemic has meant that death is all around us, even if none of our loved ones has been touched — yet.  Fear is an ever-present companion that is only barely out of sight or mind on a good day.  And to boot, most of us are much better at keeping Lent than celebrating Easter to begin with.  Could it be that the reality of sin is still so much closer than the reality of forgiveness? What is it that keeps Easter so elusive?

In the world’s collective mind, Easter is a Day.  For church go-ers, it is a Season, but for the believer, it is an Eternity.  For those of us who seek to remain in Christ, Jesus meant for it to be a Lifestyle. And there-in is the hard part –which also may explain why it is so elusive.  Or, because it is elusive, it is hard to live it out?  Either way, it feels very important and worthy of study, contemplation, and collaboration.  The fact that we all still call it Easter Sunday, and not Resurrection Sunday, is misleading.  Easter Sunday IS a Day.  But like all Feast Days, in the Church, Resurrection is much more than a day, or event or even a phenomenon.  It is the very truth upon which our entire faith as Christians hangs.

That is why we will be studying how the Disciples lived post-resurrection in ACTS, starting TUESDAY MORNING MAY 12th. at 10:00 am.  See Zoom Bible Study for details!