Daylight Saving Ends This Weekend

Daylight Saving Time (DST) is ending This Weekend.  Saturday, November 2nd, the sun will come up at 7:51 am and when 6:14 pm comes, it will go down.

BUT, Sunday morning, November 3rd, it will come up at 6:51 and go down at 5:13 pm.

Remember to set your clocks BACK one hour this Saturday night before you go to bed.

At 2 am Sunday morning, the U.S. will “FALL BACK” to an earlier time of one hour and you will get an extra hour to sleep or get a head start on your morning.

More importantly, you will want to GET TO THE CHURCH ON TIME – and not have to go home and come back an hour later or sit in your car for an hour listening to the radio. So set your clock back one hour!

Enjoy the extra snooze!
Or read up on the history and nuances of daylight saving time instead!


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