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In Emmanuel’s “Upper Room” once a week, YogaNuvo helps unite our bodies, minds and spirits toward health and peace.  A blend of traditional yoga and eccentric bodywork, YogaNuvo helps release stress and allows your energy to flow naturally.

Come strike a pose with gifted and Certified Yoga Instructor: Myrna Patterson.                                  _____________________________________

YogaNuvo is a caring environment
where anyone is welcome,
especially beginners!

Where: Emmanuel Episcopal
When: 6 pm
What to bring: Make sure to bring a yoga mat and a bottle of water.
Registration: Email or call Myrna to pre-register, before your first visit and receive additional information on dates and location.images-6Email Myrna
Phone: 412-400-5261

Event fee: FREE
Donations graciously accepted.  Your contribution will help to keep this class a sustainable offering in the community.

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