Oh, Lord, Hear Our Prayer

While schools, non-essential businesses and public venues close, due to the CoronavirusLORD hear our Prayers and many of us can lay low and work from home and stay at home as much as possible, there are still many people who are in professions essential to sustaining life for the rest of us that still go to work — possibly at risk to their own health and families.

They need our prayer. Join us in praying for these people and giving God thanks for their sacrificial service.  Also, thank them if and when you do come into contact with them.
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Father of all the world, we come to you on behalf of others who are not able at this time to self-quarantine because their services are needed. We pray you to guard them, guide them, give them the wisdom to know if and when they are sick to stay at home. When they are at work, we pray for safety, good humor, and peace as they perform their duties faithfully.  Bless them, O Lord.

For: Medical Technicians, Aids, Hospital Administrators and Workers, Urgent Care Workers, Cleaning and Laundry Staff, Food Service Staff, Doctors Nurses, Surgeons, Drug Store Employees, Pharmacists

Lord, Hear Our Prayer

For: Police, Guards, Firemen and Women, Emergency Workers, Life Flight and Ambulance Drivers, Armed Service Men and Women here and abroad, Prisoners, Prison Guards and Administrators, Judges, Defendants, and Lawyers who are still in court.

Bless them, O Lord.

For: Postal Workers, Bankers, and Government Employees and Administrators at all Levels.

Lord, Hear Our Prayer

For: Veterinarians and Assistants, Pet Supply Store Employees, Pet Sitters and Walkers.

Bless them, O Lord.

For: Child Caregivers, Clergy, Parents and those who have to go out to get supplies, Morticians, Dentists, Mental Health Workers

Lord, Hear Our Prayer

For: Farmers, Migrant Workers, Food Handlers, Food Supply Chain Workers, Grocery Store Employees, Gas Station and Convenient Store workers, Car Service Workers, Restaurant Workers, Truck Drivers, Hotel Workers

Bless them, O Lord.

For: Radio and TV Journalists Newscasters and Weathermen and women

Lord, Hear Our Prayer

For: Repairmen of various types – Plumbers, Telecommunications Workers, Furnace repairmen, Car Service workers. Telecommunications Workers

Bless them, O Lord.

For: Radio and TV Broadcasters, Journalists, Newscasters, Weathermen and women

Lord, Hear Our Prayer

Also —

For: The Aged, Poor, Homeless, Migrants in holding, and those who work with the underserved, those without Health Care or access, and those who live alone

Bless them, O Lord.

For: Students who are without food, without a caregiver in the home, without learning environments, behavioral parameters, social interactions and all benefits normally provided by school.

Lord, Hear Our Prayer.

For: All essential workers who are still needed to serve the public when many others close, those who cannot work because their business is closed and fear the financial repercussions, all who are worried for lack of money if they cannot work or face the possibly of infection if they do.

Bless them and Protect them All, O Lord!

Remind us to be mindful and thankful, Holy Spirit!


Father, we confess that we don’t realize how often these people and others serve us on a daily basis.  We confess our lack of awareness and lack of gratitude.  Many are not paid a livable wage or certainly not paid enough for the often truly thankless service they provide. let alone at risk to their own heath during a pandemic.

We are sorry, Lord and ask that your Spirit reminds us of their humble duties and to be grateful and thankful. Help us to acknowledge them personally and often.

Help these workers also to acknowledge themselves and hear you say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

We pray for protection, safety, resilience, health, peace of mind and heart and restoration of all they gave up, did without or couldn’t get for themselves.  AMEN

~Jessie Hipolit

Keep watch, dear Lord, with those who work, or watch, or
weep this night, and give your angels charge over those who
sleep. Tend the sick, Lord Christ; give rest to the weary, bless
the dying, soothe the suffering, pity the afflicted, shield the
joyous; and all for your love’s sake. Amen.

O God, your unfailing providence sustains the world we live
in and the life we live: Watch over those, both night and day,
who work while others sleep, and grant that we may never
forget that our common life depends upon each other’s toil;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.  BCP p. 134

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