Prayer to Breathe

Prayer to Breathe

Dear Father,

Our world is suffering.

So many people sick.

So many dying

drowning in the effects of a tiny, hungry virus.

Longing for breath.

Drowning first in fear

afraid of this tiny destroyer.

How dare it attack our beautiful lungs!

Families helpless to save loved ones

afraid for themselves

Will I be next?

Each silently wonders

Will MY loved ones be next?

Possibly die?

Or, will they, we, I make it through

the threat that labors the breath so?

Usually so easy, so constant,

a silent life-sustaining friend

now hard, now impossible…I, too, am afraid, Lord

It is hard to stop the fear in my thoughts,

my body trembles

Will I be a victim of its fury?

Will I die, as so many have and are and will?

Or, will I survive, Oh, Lord

to praise you?

To praise you for breath?

Today I will breathe deep

ask for what I need

Protect my breath, Oh, Lord!

My family’s

The world’s.

Sustain breath for those already sick

Let us live to give you thanks!

Let us live to be grateful

always for breath

for the ease to breathe deeply

taking in LIFE

Let us not be afraid

Let me not be afraid, Lord

Let me breathe in peace

Let me breathe in love

Let me breathe in You.

~ Jessie Hipolit, Daughter of the King