Jazz @ Emmanuel – From God to Me to You

This Jazz Service on March 10th explores the message of love as a divine gift meant to be passed on – from God to us, to others. It emphasizes the importance of sharing blessings, including love and forgiveness, underscoring the scriptural principle of “freely receiving and giving.” Special jazz renditions will support this time-honored theme, encouraging a cycle of generosity, emblematic in worship, charity, and music.

Jazz @ Emmanuel – Chaos or Community

The content reflects on the choice between chaos and community in the new year, emphasizing the importance of seeking support and connection amidst life’s challenges. It encourages embracing vulnerability and openness to community, highlighting the positive impact of shared joy and support. The message implores individuals to unite and live in harmony, citing biblical verses and promoting an upcoming community event focused on jazz and fellowship. The overall theme underscores the significance of togetherness and mutual support in facing life’s trials and celebrating its joys.

Jazz @ Emmanuel – Our 32nd Season!

Who Has Passed the Baton to You? To Whom Are You Passing It? Join Jazz @ Emmanuel this year as we present this important theme, as only Jazz @ Emmanuel can. September 10th – On Their Shoulders October 8th – Are you Connected? November 12th – Grace and Gratitude December 10th – Peace, Be Still…

Joy Comes in the Morning/Mourning

Our 31st season was interrupted after the February 2020 Service. Now, back from a long covid “vacation” Jazz @ Emmanuel returns to continue that season this spring, with the timely theme “Joy in the Mourning/Mourning” with the Tom Wendt Quartet for March 12, 2023. Lynn Speakman – alto saxophoneMark Strickland – guitarChris McGraw – bassThomas…

Bishop Ketlen Visits Emmanuel

Bishop Ketlen visited Emmanuel on February 5th at the 10:30 am Service. She is such a delight! It is so refreshing to have a female Bishop. The camaraderie was immediately apparent. Everyone brought food and more food and, well, even more food! No one is ever going to go away from Emmanuel hungry or even…