Bishop Ketlen Visits Emmanuel

Bishop Ketlen visited Emmanuel on February 5th at the 10:30 am Service. She is such a delight!

It is so refreshing to have a female Bishop. The camaraderie was immediately apparent. Everyone brought food and more food and, well, even more food! No one is ever going to go away from Emmanuel hungry or even lacking for variety, homemade goodness, or, especially LOVE.

We had a great visit with the Bishop hearing how each of us came to Emmanuel and what drew us here.

Eventually, the Bishop got around to asking about our ministry outreach at Emmanuel. In recent years, as far as parish-wide ministry, we have been mostly focused on keeping Jazz@Emmanuel alive and well.

Jazz has been an important ministry at Emmanuel for 32 seasons and is being revived again after 3 years off for covid safety. We are starting Jazz Vespers this March 12, at 5:00 pm in the Sanctuary.

However, Bishop Solak is challenging us to start a new ministry. We are a small congregation but are committed to listening to God for direction and meet after the 10:30 service to pray and discuss ideas. What will come of this? God only knows!

With the new Bishop, there are new people on staff at the Diocese. You may want to see who, and read their profiles so you can appreciate the talent we have and to know who to contact for various resources. You can also sign up for the Diocesan newsletter. This is also a revised website where you can see a calendar of events and the latest blog posts.

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