Why I Come to the Communion Table


I come, not because I am worthy, but because I have sinned and fallen short of what, by God’s help, I might have been.

I come, not that there is any magic in partaking of the symbols of Christ’s body and blood, but because the Lord’s Supper is a memorial to Him and a Sacrament of His.

I come because here is portrayed the sacrifice of my Lord who gave himself for me.

I come because here I have the opportunity to acknowledge my unworthiness and to make a new start.

I come because I find myself drawn closer to God, to the Christ of the Calvary, and to those who kneel with me in communion.  Yes, I am ade to feel my kinship to all people everywhere who claim my Christ as Saviour.

I come because here I realize God’s love and find comfort and peace.

I come because I rise from the Lord’s table with new strength, courage, and power, to live for Him who died for me.

Author Unknown

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